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Title: Burger king in talks to buy Tim Horton's

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Date: October 02, 2014

Burger king in talks to buy Tim Horton's


Burger king and Tim Horton's are the fast-food chains which are now trying to join their forces.

Tim Hortons, known for its doughnuts and coffee, was obtained by Wendy's International Inc. In

1995. In 2006 it finished a first sale and was spun off as a different organization. The deal would

likewise permit Tim Hortons to quicken its development in universal markets. The organization had

4,546 restaurants as of June 29, with 3,630 in Canada, 866 in the US and 50 in the Persian Gulf

region. As the deal will be structured and tax inversion extremely popular to cut the cost. In the

inversion process the companies recognize the country with lower tax rates and merge with a

company of that country.


Burger King's overall foot shaped impression and involvement in worldwide advancement to

accelerate Tim Hortons development in universal markets. Tim Horton's dominates the Canadian

coffee market but has struggled a lot to find success in U.S.The organization dispatched a far

reaching survey of its needs and ways that it could support its goodwill with both residential and

worldwide coffee customers.If the deal happens that burger king will have to pay only 15%

corporate tax to the government of U.S rather than 35%.

NATIONAL POST: This news was updated in The National Post on August 25, 2014. The author discussed and explained the status of Burger king and Tim Horton's and further explains that both the firms are going to join their forces. Additionally, it also explained the various benefits Burger King and Tim Horton's will have. As in Canadian market Tim Horton's is able to get a good market share and has also been able to earn goodwill but it is struggling for success in U.S. Moving towards the benefits Burger King will enjoy are the most incredible one as after merging with Tim Horton's, Burger king will only owe 15% of taxes to the US government rather than 35%.
President Obama has also said that “ there should be certain measures to stop the growing momentum of companies for the relief from the relatively high U.S taxes”. Since he is not able to find the solution for the problems. This explains that, the author has used the critical approach in this article. As it also explain the problems arises due to the merging of these two organisations. THE ECONOMIC TIMES:
The same article was covered in The Economic Times and was published on August 25, 2014. The author discussed about the merging of