Ethics: United States Army and 75 th Ranger Regiment Essay

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Every person has different combinations of ethical and moral styles. Whether they apply morally or professionally, they are still a huge component of who and what we are. I spent ten years in the Army of which six of those years being assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment. As a member of USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command), there are many situations when your leadership and decision making is put to the test quite literally under fire. On one occasion, I had a new member of my team rounding up some enemy POW’s (prisoners of war). He was quite apprehensive since it was his first encounter with the enemy, although they were already detained. I notice his demeanor throughout the night move from a more apprehensive to a more offensive approach. Although many that I knew did not treat these people well, I made it a priority to do so. One, I like to follow the Golden rule, and two, I know karma would come back to bite me if I did not. So, my new guy began to be less than humane to these detainees. I quickly reprimanded him and told him I would pursue further action if he did not do so. By doing this, I set an example for the rest of my team and potentially won the heart of that detainee. Later, I was awarded an ARCOM (Army Commendation Medal) by the nomination of the Air Force member who wrote the commendation and submitted to my Company Commander. I never knew that I was noticed but that Air Force crew member took notice and made the step to making