Essay on Ethics: United States Department of Homeland Security and Social Responsibility currently

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U02A1 Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

Currently I work part-time as a Transportation Security Officer for the Department of Homeland Security. Our mission statement is to “Protect the Nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. “ Within the short amount of time that I have been working for this organization I do firmly believe that the organizational and the vast majority of the employees live by that statement. Our main priority of course is security, but we are trained on soft people skills such as being respectful of other and handle the ones who need a little extra help with care. We are trained on these core values of integrity, innovation, and team spirit. With every organizational there are a few bad eggs that give us a bad reputation. When a story gets out about a Transpiration Security Officer (TSO) has done something unethical the TSA does a thorough investigation and usually terminates the employee. With the organization so large I believe that you are bound to have a few bad eggs. At my current airport, which is small, we have a great team that I would be shocked that anyone would do something unethical such as theft, improper screening of a passenger or their property. We are a diverse group of employees and in October we celebrate people’s different background for diversity day. The TSA hires any and all different people from different backgrounds which help with language barriers. We are trained not to pass assume or pass judgment on people of a certain race or by how they look. Discrimination is not