Ethics Unw Trapped Case Study

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Google "Ethics Unwrapped – Concepts Unwrapped", a website from the University of Texas at Austen. You will be using the "Concepts Unwrapped Video Series." Watch the video "Being Your Best Self, Part One: Moral Awareness (9:51). Then read the Case Study: Teaching Blackface – A Lesson in Stereotypes found directly below the second video clip. Do you believe it was fair that the teacher was suspended? Write a paragraph explaining why or why not? Remember -your paragraph should be typed or word processed.
I believe that is was fair for Mr. Alan Barron to be suspended as a result of his debatable video shown in his history class. Although in the end Mr. Barron was found innocent was not fired from his job, going through that process of investigation was important. While some would argue
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You will be using the "Concepts Unwrapped Video Series." Watch the video " Being Your Best Self, Part Three: Moral Intent (9:45). Then answer in detail either Question #3 or Question #4 under Discussion Questions below the video. Again, please remember -your responses should be typed or word processed.
3. Think of something that one of your friends, family or acquaintances did recently that you view as wrong. What rationalizations did they give for their actions?
A classmate of mine just told me a story that happened to her. About 3 weeks ago, my classmate was driving home late at night from an event. As she drove down a tight residential street, she heard a bang, so she stopped her car. When she went out to see what happened, she realized that she hit the side view mirror of a car she was passing. As a result of the hit, the side view mirror’s housing slightly chipped. Even though the right thing to do would be to tell the owner the damage she caused, she just drove away thinking that no one would ever find out it way her who caused the