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September 19, 2011
Ethnic Food Report My family really enjoys eating ethnic food, but my parents usually cook it instead of going to an actual restaurant. Choosing the restaurant I wanted to go to was difficult, but I decided on the Sahara Grille located on Dressler road in Canton. I had been told from a good friend that it was incredible food and he suggested it for writing my paper. I took his word and I am very happy I did because it was a great experience. From the outside of the restaurant I was not completely sure what to expect. It seemed like it could be authentic but also a “fake” ethnic restaurant. As soon as I stepped in the door I knew it was as close to authentic as I could get in this area. I had a friend come with me so we could both try different foods and compare them. We had the choice of buffet, but chose to order off the menu. We placed our orders and I explored the décor as we waited for food. The walls of this Middle-Eastern restaurant were a tope colored stucco texture. There was a line of a darker brown that made both my friend and I feel as if we were in the dessert. There were small shelves installed into the walls, with pottery and different decorations creatively placed on them. There were grape vines hanging stylishly from the ceiling that added to the authentic atmosphere of the darkly lit room. The colors and design of the restaurant, I thought, represented the Middle-East very well. As I finished taking in the decorations, I noticed the music playing was actual music also from the Middle-East. It sounded like many types of aerophones and chordophones mixed together with a light, hard to grasp beat. Our server gave us pita bread and a virgin-oil based bread dip to enjoy while waiting on our main dishes. Our sides of seasoned rice arrived and had a strong cinnamon flavor. They had placed mixed nuts, ground beef and basil on top for added texture. The…