Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Essay

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Ethnic groups and Discrimination
Randy Morgan
Axia College
Tara Moorman December, 5th 2010

I was wondering what I would write about, and came to the fact that I am 1 Tenth Indian, So I am going to try and write about the way they are and the way they were treated. When the so called “white people” came to America we were all ready here. In the ninetieth century, steel, and factory work was a manger part of the Indian way of life. There is 3 major periods that really conflict the Indian people in the 19th century. The first was when the military secured its control of the Ohio Valley. The military had to try and make us go away. The Indian people have always faced all kinds of prejudice even though they were here first. The Indian people have always faced racism while being here in America. They have faced all kinds of discrimination since the beginning of America. We were here first, but the way it is right now you would not think that way. In the labor market to day, it just seems the “white person” will get the job first
By 1800, the religious views and practices had really changed. Despite warfare and the way the

system works native people continue traditional values and just try to live the way they were

brought up. In really knowing the history of the Indian people, you really have to know the

culture, values, and how they see the world around them. The earliest people were hunters and agricultural people.
"It has long been recognized that Native Americans are dying of diabetes, alcoholism,

tuberculosis, suicide, and other health conditions at shocking rates. Beyond disturbingly high

mortality rates, Native Americans also suffer a significantly lower health status and

disproportionate rates of disease compared with all other Americans."

— The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, September 2004

With all the things we have been though, its no wonder it is this way. If you look at the way we

have been looked at, like the sports mascots in football and baseball then you will understand.

Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, and the Florida State Seminoles, this is just some of

the things we have been though in years of controversy. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge

signed was now called the Indian Citizenship Act. This act makes all Native Americans born in

the United States of America citizens of the United States. We can now vote, and even run for

political office. As of 2007, only 1 percent of Native Americans own their own land. I really

don’t identify with the ethnic group that I looked at. Iam a married male in my 40s and I just