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Ethnnic Studies

. Reasons for diversity Requirements ?( to create an opportunistic context for academia, to appeal to none school funding sources, which were also based on class size. -What are the hidden meanings behind the committee's actions (sub-text)? the Professors perspective towards ethnic studies is that its to narrow in focus, they precieve these classes as a one-dimensional in there instruction .( to simple and discrete) What is Academic Stock Story? Academic stock story is a PARADIGMATIC PROPOSAL OF THE COURSE. What is the purpose of the academic stock story? The purpose of the academic stock story Is to show a competing perspective. Why does the committee reject the “Chicano Sociology” course ? The reason why the committee rejects there proposal is because they assume that ethnic studies does not have enough substantive context to merit its status as a single- standing class.

Sexual Violence and immigrant Women

1995 INS Gender Guidelines ? These are the guidelines that U.S. immigration officials instituted to take the needs of the growing female immigrant population into consideration...They were...Some women may prefer to speak to a female asylum officer... When possible this preference may be accommodated...They also recommended interviewing women outside the presence of family members...It can be extremely difficult speaking of such topics in front of family...The guidelines recognized that sexual violence and rape can cause memory loss and distortion...The guidelines noted that trauma affects demeanor that applicants present...Women may appear numb or passive...Sometimes this has been misinterpreted as evidence of lying 1996 illegal immigrant reform and immigrant responsibility act (IIRIRA) Expedited removal ( It was a rule that made it difficult for everyone, including raped women, to apply for asylum. According to the IIRIRA, people who arrive in the United States without documents or with false documents are removed without a hearing...this is expedited removal Immigration Marriage Fraud amendments of 1986 ( 1)Husband must file for his wife, for conditioning residency. 2) After 2 years file for permanent residency. 3) If paperwork is not filed , undocumented status. Olimpia Lazo- Majano ( She had been subjected to abuse, rape, and other sorts of beatings from Sargent Rene Zuniga of the Salvadorian Military.) He threaten to cut her fingers, and give her a slow and painful death. ( .Her case was important because the judges were able to classify rape as an experience that could justify political asylum...The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recognized that rape was persecution...They argued that Olimpia's rapist was asserting the political opinion that a man has the right to dominate woman...By attempting to resist fleeing her native country she asserted [a contrary opinion]...she became exposed to persecution for her assertion. ..She was granted asylum....It provided a basis for later cases involving rape and sexual abuse . R.A ( She was repeatedly raped by her husband, he would beat her during unwanted sex, he would accuse her of cheating and threaten her with death, he passed on a std to RA, he once kicked her in the genitalia which caused her to bleed for 8 days., he forcefully sodomized her, the judge would not interfere in domestic disputes, she then fled Guatemala.

R.A ( In the United States one judge said that she should be given asylum since her abuse was connected to her political opinion while another U.S. judge said that her abuse (beatings & rape) were not connected to her political opinion...she was eventually deported..2

Violence against women act ( helps undocumented women living in an abusive relationship with a U.S citizen or permanent resident.) (Such as being eligible for self petition, or she can suspend deportation and receive residency. What are the five reason can receive asylum? You are unable