Ethnics: Islam and Retail Business Essay

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• Explain the difference between Muslims and Arabs.

Physically Muslims and Arabs may look alike and could be hard to distinguish between the two. When we take the time to learn about their cultures we realize that Muslims are people who live in their faith religiously and are known as Islam’s. Arabs are an ethnic group and are continuously accused of being Muslim. When an individual does not know the language of their ancestors, marry within their culture, or do not visit their home land are not considered “Less Arab” according to their community. They are a growing population sporadically throughout the U.S. and many are getting into the retail business. I have seen them manage and own their companies and become successful. Islam is the 2nd largest religion next to Christianity. They strongly believe in their rituals, and prayers. Women dress modest from head to toes not showing skin besides their hands and feet. They are known to be the stay at home mom/wife while the husbands work.

• According to research and news reports within the past 2 years, what are some of the changes the United States has made to policies concerning the treatment of Muslim and Arabic members of society?

The department of Justice had created programs that stepped out of their limitations causing harm to the Arab Americans and to tourists in similar cultures. Some people felt these programs were profiling and sending innocent people to jail. After September 11th attack, they noticed the