Ethnocentrism Research Paper

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Being ethnocentric or having ethnocentrism can be a great thing. It can be taken a little far at times , but for the most part its good. Who doesn’t want to have pride in their country, place of origin. But in reality people are usually ethnocentric to these main areas. Some people are ethnocentric towards their nation. Others are towards their culture. Then you have the people that are ethnocentric towards a special group or organization they are a part of. Ethnocentrism is always in our society in many different forms. Even in ways we don’t realize or recognize at times.

According to Nathans interview of international students its now understood more of why there is a lot of ethnocentrism in college. In college there are many people. And throughout the many people in college these people come from many different places. People come from all over the world to go to certain colleges. Their is a huge variety of people coming from multiple parts of the U.S and other countries that all come to one specific college. And due to the huge variety of people, this causes ethnocentrism. People from different parts of the world are different people and have different cultures they are proud of. And due to them being proud of where they come from they show it either verbally , visually , hearing wise and even taste wise. And I don't literally mean you can go and taste someone from a different culture. I’m talking about the food someone eats that’s different due to their culture that they love. Verbally someone could be very proud of their accent and talk in it a lot. Visually you may see an “ I love New York “ T-Shirt showing off their love for New York. Then hearing wise you might hear someone's music they love to play from a different culture.

Even here at St. Augustine University there is a lot of ethnocentrism. Especially coming from me. I love Colorado and feel its the greatest state here in the U.S. I was born and pretty much raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado has beautiful mountains , landscape , animals , and wonderful snow. It's very peaceful their. I love when people ask me where I'm from because every time they ask me I tell them proudly “ I Am From Colorado”! And I am not the only one either that represents where I am from. Many others even from Jamaica represent their home like its the greatest place on earth. But in reality we all know Colorado Springs , Colorado is the best place on earth.

Although many people have ethnocentrism. Their is a lot of misconceptions and