Ethnocentrism: Translation and Different Culture Speaks Essay examples

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This article touched on something that’s very true; we don’t understand what we don’t understand. I am guilty of ethnocentrism. I would not think that I was because I’d like to think I respected all backgrounds and cultures, it’s not intentional, but like in one of the examples in the article, when someone of a different culture speaks, the way that they translate is different. For instance, in a nail shop when the people say something in their language then translates it comes out …let’s just say different. Not very politically correct, I know but its how I felt. Similar to the article, their words also don’t have tenses or genders so a lot of times, even with translations, it’s really hard to understand what is being said; this in turn frustrates me because I feel as though they are being disrespectful for not learning the primary language of where they live. It’s not that I am racist or anything even close to that; I only recently learned that they don’t have tenses or genders so the way that they are translating IS how they speak; but me not understanding, didn’t understand. Reading this article does make me feel like I have been quick to judge without first examining or researching. I jumped immediately to the disrespect card. It also makes me feel better knowing that to some degree, everyone has this in them. I would hate to think that it’s just me. It’s has never been my intent to feel this way and I have never verbalized it to anyone, but since i'm just “journaling”