Ethnography: Baseball and Adrian College Essay

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Adrian College is the place to be. My favorite place to be is within the walls of the luxurious two-story structure called the Caine Student Center that fulfills all the needs of the student. Each and every student that enters the two glass doors has a unique attitude upon touching the bars to enter just as everywhere else on campus. I personally will be examining the philosophy of Adrian College as a whole. In which, I can provide you better knowledge and understanding of what its really like to be a part of this amazing society inside the boundaries of Adrian College. At the end of the day, students have a refreshing domineer, as if you just took an ice bath after a 2-hour long workout, which carries them through the rest of their day with ease and that’s the purpose of the structure and goal of Adrian College.
I conducted my research by simply walking from my dormitory to the Caine. As soon as I walk up to the structure, I start my observations of the outside all the way to the inside all on my notebook in red ink. With this information I gathered, it is simple to understand the whole idea of Adrian College and the Caine.
As I observe each person, there is a common trait among them. They all seem to have a relaxed and comfortable assents as they enter the building. There is no yelling or complaining from anyone. It’s just a constant flow of positive energy that is exerted upon every soul accumulated inside. Considering the Starbucks is a big attraction, there is a consistent aroma of freshly ground coffee beans in the air. It is so strong that you may not even need to buy one because contact with the aroma has the potential to knock you on your butt back into the most comfortable recliners imaginable. These bad boys have the Adrian College logos right where you rest your head as you slowly recline backwards into a deep relaxation stage. All black leather has never felt as good in my whole entire life as I watch the 52 inch plasma television right in front of my feet. Fraternity and sorority banners hang from the balcony on the second story with proud establishment. They represent a strong brotherhood that could never be overthrown in any case. There is a lot of family time spent here as well. Students tell their mothers or fathers their exciting experiences over welcome week and their class schedules as well. The Caine is not the only thing that Adrian has to offer for comfort. Just walking through the campus is one of the most relaxing things on planet earth. The employees and students are among the nicest individuals any college has to offer. There will always be a person saying hello or asking if your day is going well. The grass all around has an eye popping green glaze that I want to lay in all day long. There is always students laying around with their cliques doing homework or just having a great time in the freshman quad. Everyday at any time of the day I see people of all different colors and sizes attempting to play volleyball on the sand court. We usually listen to some gangster rap music while we participate in our activities in the quad. Lately it has been progressively getting colder as the days go by. The wind whispers the words of fall as each and every one of us walk outside to go about our own festivities. The color change of the trees around Adrian College is of the crunchiest perfection while the much favorite fall season progresses.
During the course of fall, the baseball players bring out their huge tube television from inside their apartment and set it in the middle of the driveway. Grilling hot dogs and watching football has got to be one of the most comfortable and laid back feeling in the world. I love the atmosphere when hanging out with the upper class baseball players. They give me great tips like what to do when campus safety comes and you have a beer in your hand or even what the head coach of baseball like and dislikes in a player.

As I take a joyful walk to English I