Ethos Miley And Feminism

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Dequan Young
AP English
October 24, 2014
Ethos,Miley and feminism!
The person that i chose to help advertise and help make feminism a bigger is deal is miley ray cyrus. Miley is a perfect person to help endorse this political issue because she is a gigantic feminist she believes in the rights of woman and for woman to be equal to men in every way possible. Miley is also the perfect person to make feminism a bigger deal because she is a well known super star, the crazy ‘’antics’’ she has done over the past 2 years were her form of feminism and rebelling for women's rights, she is also credible because she has been quoted multiple times and have appeared in magazines like ‘times’’ on her own personal feminist article. She appeals to every age group from teens to people in their late 20s or 30s, so the demographic varies but it mainly will be targeted for women who believes the same as miley, that women should be equal to men but men may also get involved to help the cause and spread the word. My main reason for choosing this political issue is because it is a gigantic deal and a lot of famous women are stepping help to help it and miley has done more than enough to show that she believes that women should be equal and that she will do everything in power to make sure people realize it. Feminism appeals to anger and it heightens that emotion because women are angry that they aren't taken as seriously as men and that they do not have all the same job