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Loundy Silkman
McCarney 2
My Ethos Summary My facebook account presents me as a trustworthy and credible person who loves the outdoors and camp. All of the pictures on my Facebook page are based at a camp and the outdoors, showing me (and others) outside and having fun with friends. Most of the pictures were taken while working at a Girl Scout camp, and that would tell people that they could trust me with working with kids. There is one picture that the audience might question. I am pictured with two other counselors with flour on our faces. People looking at that picture might think that
I like having fun, and when you work at a camp the main point is to make sure that the campers are having fun, and that sometimes means the adults get involved with the fun too. Throughout my Facebook it shows that I value friends and family more than myself, because I don’t actually post pictures on my page. All of my pictures are other people’s pictures but they tagged me on them so the pictures became part of my photos. I think I show myself to be a credible person because people could ask me about camping and how to build and cook over an outdoor fire, and also about how to kayaking. The pictures on my page show me doing all of those things and I can be considered an authority on all of them. I have lived at camp for the last eleven summers, so I am an authority on all kinds of camp activities and issues.
What motivates me is my family, friends and spending time outside in