Ethos Pathos And Logos Analysis

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The 3 Amigos

How the use of rhetoric (Logos, Pathos, and Ethos) were demonstrated in each video you may ask? Well in my mini essay I shall be pointing out all the rhetoric’s there are in the videos provided, and say witch one gave a better show of the whole thing. Well starting off according too, Reading the World, Ideas that Matter. They state that, “The discipline of rhetoric includes all the elements involved in using language persuasively.” That is all rhetoric’s is, the way you convince or persuade someone.

Starting off with Logos, or the logical appeal. When using logos your focusing on logic and reasoning, so you will be using facts, history, and statistics to back up your claim or arguments. Now in the first two videos in which there were drunk people giving real story’s as said at the end of the video, “The story you watched is based on real events.” Now going on that alone I can go ahead and say that they contain logos. The first video talked about the Rosa park bus boycott situation which is a fact. In the second video, they told you about John Addams vs Thomas Jefferson how they battled it out
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For example, a movie director wants the death scene to cause the audience to feel sad. Pathos was used in the first video about Claudette Colvin. They wanted you to feel bad for her since they did not want her to represent the boycott. Another in the video is when they persuaded the white people to feel bad/pity for Rosa parks, by saying, “o she’s tired” In the second video, The author wanted you to feel exited maybe even angry about Jefferson or Adams. They had them battling it out. One would say something bad about the other, and the other would say something else bad. In the third video, they show a woman and an elderly man speaking abut the topic, and they show police surrounding a crime scene. It makes you feel worried and concerned for the people