Learning Contract Task 1

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Learning Contract Task One

Possible Learning Topics:
One possible learning topic I feel I could improve is time management; it interests me as it will improve my daily working practices. I would like to find ways in which I can examine my day and work out where to improve. I would also like to look at finding the best ways to delegate. I would like to show how I use the time I have in a day. I want to improve on this as I would like to be able to take on more responsibility.
I have also read articles on self and career management as I am eager to move forward in my career. I found the article ‘How to learn from those around you’ by Cousins, Martin and Beagrie Scott interesting as my manager is an ideal role model for me. I feel that if I am able to manage my time well, as mentioned above, it will give me time to take on more responsibilities and gain experience in other areas and, therefore, help further my career within the company.
I also would like to look at theories regarding communications and working relations. There are some areas in my business where effective communications and relationships are non-existent and I feel it would benefit me if I can improve on this. (216)

You and Your Learning Context:
My last formal learning experience goes back to school. Since leaving, all my learning has been achieved in an informal manner. I think a lot of my learning can be based around Kolbs learning cycle (1984) Ramsey, (2013,p13); a concrete experience I have reflected on, gained feedback and then tried again.
In my work setting I am currently the leader of a team of 10. I am comfortable with the role and the levels of independency and autonomy and, as of yet, I don’t feel there is another role I would feel confident moving into for the time being. I have a strong manager who allows me to be flexible with the team. Over the winter period we tend to see volumes increase and I feel this will help with my studies as my time will need to be managed efficiently in order to meet demands. However, it is also important that quieter times are used effectively to plan ahead for busier periods as this will make things easier in the long run for the team and myself. I feel once we have move passed the winter period I will be able to delegate successfully then I can start pushing myself forward for my career. (205)
My Learning objectives:
Between weeks 12-17, I will learn about effective ways to manage my day. I plan to do this by taking the ‘Simple steps to get more out of your day’ by Alan Fairweather and applying it to my working day. There are 6 steps in total; if I take 1-2 to focus on over a week then move on to the next while continuing the other steps I will achieve more in my day. I can measure this by keeping a working diary where I am able to reflect on what has worked well and what didn’t.
I also feel by applying the steps to my day I will be able to improve my delegation skills, as this is a vital part of my role as a team leader. I understand that not every step will be relevant to my work but any improvement on my team’s efficiency will be beneficial. I also feel it will indicate any spare time I may have to work on other tasks.
My second work-based learning enquiry, to be studied between weeks 18-21, will be to start looking at my career and what experience I need in order to move forward. I have looked at ‘Your route to the top and how to stay focused’ and found some key steps which I feel will be relevant to furthering my career and the skills and experience required. I feel that this will benefit me, as I will able to take everything I have learned and apply it to different areas within the organisation, therefor improving my promotion chances.
I feel that by improving my time management skills, as discussed previously, it will give me more opportunity to take on more responsibility from my manager, therefore moving my career