Eu As A Superpower Nation

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Deja Thomas
October 19, 2014
GHIST 150-0008

According to, a superpower is defined as “an extremely powerful nation, especially one capable of influencing international events and the acts and policies of less powerful nations.” The Industrial revolution was time in which the word superpower was created. Superpower nations are nations with a strong economy, education system, technological advances, and methods of defense. The EU is built on the strong foundation of multiple nations that have propelled the EU to the superpower it is today.

The creation of the Euro area, consisting most of the EU’s member states, is an attempted to unify all the member states economically. To guarantee efficiency, monetary and economic policies are set in place. The European Central Bank establishes the monetary policies with the help from the central banks of each member state to achieve a common goal: maintain price stability1. However, the economic policies are the responsibilities of each member state. Rules and requirements for regulating fiscal action under the economic policies are carried out by all member states. The rules and requirements in the economic policies include, limitations on government deficit and the establishment of a national budget1. Similarly, the reforms introduced in industrial Britain worked to drive the British economy to unparalleled achievements 2.

The EU is a key promoter of the spread of higher education. Higher education is necessary for the formation of any superpower nation. Nations with weak educational systems lack innovation and overall success as a nation compared to those nations with stronger educational systems. Each member state is responsible for the creation of their own strategies in the spread of education. The shared goals of these strategies are to educate the inhabitants of individual nations within the EU and then to reach out to neighboring, non-member state, countries to attract scholars1. The growth of educated individuals in the EU and Europe as a whole is meant to create a self sufficient, smart, and comprehensive economy.

Technological advances are inevitable with emerging superpowers. Provisions to the Treaty of Lisbon allows for the EU to be an effective member in today’s changing environment. In recent years, the depletion of energy sources has caused problems in European countries. To avoid issues of scarce energy supply, research is underway for more efficient and inexpensive ways to fuel Europe2. In the same