St Andrew Catholic Church: The Order Of The Mass

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St Andrew Catholic Church
Altar Servers Training
July 2013 Second Class
The Order of the Mass:
Entrance Procession: Cross-bearer, 2 candles
The Server, carrying the censer or thurifer, leads if incense is to be used, if not, then:
The Cross-bearer will lead the procession from the back of the Church. Wait there until the Priest is ready to start.
When it starts, carry it high making sure the Crucifix is facing to the front.
After two pews, the other Altar Servers go 2 by 2 maintaining a distance of 2 pews from the servers in front of them, followed by the lectors, deacon, and Priest
Walk slowly, if you are not carrying anything, your hand must be in prayer position.
Never genuflect or bow when carrying the procession Cross or the Candles.
When the procession reaches the Sanctuary, the Cross-bearer stops, head bow and goes up to set the Cross into its base; make sure the Crucifix is facing the Congregation, and then go to his/her place.
Servers carrying the candles follow the Cross-bearer, stop at the foot of the Sanctuary, head bow, go up and place them in the candle stand table, (next to the credence table). Go to your position. Keep standing with praying hands.
The rest of the Servers will do the same: 2 by 2 stop at the foot of the Sanctuary, deep bow, and then go around the Sanctuary up to your position.
If you are Book Server and were also carrying Cross, wait next to the Cross stand (with praying hands), for the Celebrant to bow before the Altar, then go to your position. Remember to bow to the Altar too. Walk reverently with praying hands.
Keep in mind this general rule: “if your hands are empty, then they are to be in a prayer position to remind ourselves of the need for reverence.”
The Book Server handling the Roman Missal (book with the Priest’s prayers for the Mass), must have it ready to be opened for the Introductory Rites. Make sure is not upside down and that when opened your fingers are away from the text.
Introductory Rites
Sign of the Cross
Greeting (Book Server ready)
The Priest reads the prayer from the Roman Missal.
Penitential Rite or Sprinkling
If the Priest is going to sprinkle the people with holy water to remind them of their baptism, one server should be ready to carry the container with the holy water (bucket or other sprinkler) alongside the Priest.
After the sprinkling is over, place the container with the holy water and the sprinkler under the credence table in the Sanctuary and return to your place, with praying hands.
“Glory to God in the Highest”
Opening Prayer
The Book Server handling the Roman Missal (book with the Priest’s prayers for the Mass), must have it ready to be opened for the Introductory Rites.
Make sure it is not upside down when you present it to the Priest.
Hold it open in front of the Priest, so he can read the prayer.
Keep the pages flat, your fingers out of the text.
Liturgy of the Word: Sit quietly, straight and with your hands on your lap during the First, Psalm and the Second reading. Listen to the Scriptures attentively. The readings are the Word of God: God is speaking to us here and now! That demands our full attention, nothing less. Be responsive.
First Reading (sit)
At the end respond, “Thanks be to God”
Responsorial Psalm (sit)
Repeat the Psalm with the congregation
Second reading (sit)
At the end respond, “Thanks be to God”
Gospel Acclamation (stand)
Sing with the congregation the acclamation (Alleluia). Praying hands!
Server (C or LT): If the deacon is bringing the Gospel Book, then remove the Lectionary from the ambo or podium and bring it to the Credence table. Place it on the shelf under.
Book Server: Turn with praying hands toward the ambo, where the Word of the Lord will be proclaimed.
Candles: pick up your candles (2) and lead the priest or deacon to the lectern or ambo. Then stand, one on