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Euclid of Alexandria
Euclid of Alexandria was born in 330 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. He is known as the father of Geometry. He contributed greatly in the field of mathematics. Some of his work included theorems, axioms in math, porisms, geometric systems, infinite values, factorizations, and congruencies. Euclid’s work was inspired by the work of Pythagoras, Aristotle, Eudoxus and Thales. After 2000 years, Euclid’s work is still used by many and it is one of the main sources for geometric reasoning. The Elements, which were thirteen books that covered diverse topics with geometry are books which are the most translated, published and studied books, next to the bible. The first translation of his book was in 1500’s from Greek to Latin. Previous translations were in Arabic, but were abridged.
There is little known about Euclid of Alexandria. He was often confused for a philosopher named, Euclid of Megara who lived 100 years prior to Euclid of Alexandria. At the time Euclid was a very common name, there were many people mentioned in writing who had the same name. There is some information that Euclid was the son of a Greek man who was born in Tyre and lived in Damascu.
Mathematical Works
It is assumed that Euclid most likely came from a rich family, this is assumed because as a young child, he went to Plato’s school in ancient Greece. Now, only the rich were educated in Plato’s school. After finishing up school, Euclid moved to Alexandria in Egypt, where he discovered and wrote his theories on geometry.
Adjectives to Describe
I would describe Euclid of Alexandria as determined. He wrote thirteen volumes in geometry called, “The Elements”, I find that very amazing. His books ranged from Plane Geometry, Number Theory, Irrational Numbers and Solid Geometry. He was also very inspiring to others. Many mathematicians looked up to him and his work for their findings, such as Issac Newton who lived in the 16th/17th century. I believe another adjective would be a teacher. He was also well known as a teacher who taught others who were interested to learn about math. His works are still used by teachers even after 2000 years, which makes him the ultimate teacher. He also founded a library where his students would study.
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