Independent Project Assignment

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AEIS 103
Independent Project Assignment
Instructions: As part of your grade in the course, you will be expected to participate in an extra-curricular activity that requires you to interact in English, either with native speakers, or with others who do not speak your language. You should participate in this activity every week, and keep a journal of what you did, where you did it, for how long, and what, if anything, you learned from the experience.
Journal due date: Last day of class

Acceptable examples: a campus club, sport activity (not a phys. ed. class), a fraternity or sorority, a conversation partner, international coffee hour, a church, temple or mosque where you become involved with the community (just attending a worship service is not enough). Check Blackboard “Course Resources” for ASUO (Associated Students of the University of Oregon) resources. Other possibilities are listed on the back of this sheet. You might also want to check bulleting boards around campus for different activities and events.
Unacceptable examples: drinking with your friends, going to parties, talking to your roommate, going to class

Examples: on campus or in the Eugene community

Weekly, for at least an hour

Examples: cultural information, vocabulary, a new friendship
Please buy a "green book" to keep information about your project, and be sure to should bring it to class every day we meet. I will collect it at random, unannounced. BE PREPARED. If you need further assistance or suggestions regarding this assignment, come and visit me during my office hours. I will collect your project green book on the last day of class.
Some suggestions:

International Students Association (EMU Room 206) sponsors a coffee hour every Friday at 4:00 pm in the Mills International Center (above the post office). Phone: 346-4387
The Craft Center is located in the basement of the EMU and offers a variety of inexpensive art classes, including woodworking, ceramics, fiber arts, painting, photography, jewelry making - and even bicycle repair! Phone: 346-4361
Recreation and Intramurals program (RIM) offers team sports like