Eulogy For Gordon's Funeral

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A specific time in my past that I remember well is when my great grandfather, Gordon Menzel, died. When my family and I went to his funeral there were many more people than I expected to be there and the funeral was held in a bigger building than I would have thought it would be held in. My Grandpa Gordon was apparently known by many people, even though, to my knowledge, he had been sitting at home for the last sum of years except for the occasional time out with his old friends. Gordon Menzel was a private first class in the army, during his time in the army, he fought in World War II along with 16.5 million other men and women. He was not one of the over 400,000 men and women killed in the war, thankfully, or I would not have gotten to meet …show more content…
When we walked in the door to the building, I was greeted with something unexpected, a very nice building with very lavish wall patterns and very marvelous chandeliers that looked like the lights had been replaced with glowing glass fragments. When I walked in the room where the casket was, there were about forty to sixty people in that room alone. Among the funeral attendees there were all sorts of people from old men in uniform, too young women trying to get their children to sit still. There were a good ten to fifteen soldiers in the room most of whom had served with my Grandpa Gordon in the army. This brings me to the most memorable moment in this story of my life which was that after the funeral was over, the soldiers took out their trumpets and played a short but honorable tune. This moment almost brought me to tears just knowing at this moment that my grandfather was gone for good, and that all of these people had the same love and respect for him that I still have, as I am writing this it still almost brings tears to my face and gives me a hoarse throat. In closing, when my grandfather was lowered into the grave I respected him, the American way, the flag, and all soldiers everywhere a lot more than I had before that funeral. I still respect him and wish I knew more about him, like what he did when he was bored, and what games he played in the street as