Eulogy For Grandmother

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I have always been into reading, even as a little girl. I was that one girl sitting at recess reading a book, although I was also the girl running around pretending she was a Cheetah girl, with her posse of minions. I thank my grandmother for my adoration towards books. Several of my earliest memories of her are trips to the library; me, a 3 foot something first grader carrying a reusable shopping bag with the blue and yellow logo reading "Walmart: Save Money, Live Better" on the front filled to the brim with books like "Junie B. Jones", which was my favorite as a little girl, and anything related to dogs, and my grandma with her cane with the wool top and favorite sandals she always wore. Those were, and always will be my most cherished memories. Even though my grandmother was the first to get me into my long lasting relationship with books, she was not the person who inspired me to carry on reading as I grew up. This honorable title goes to my …show more content…
Trujillo lived in these moments. She was always so engaged in the stories; reading them with such intense emotion and passion that you couldn't help but feel like you were in the protagonist's world right along with them. It was mind blowing to my little fourth-grade self that you could escape to a different world with simply paper and ink. I adored it, and I always will. Reading will always be a passion of mine. To know that I can escape to a world of adventure and action in a matter of minutes is breathtaking. Reading has become a way to break free from my personal problems for a few minutes or hours. It has become a way for me to escape negative emotions and calm myself down whenever I need to. I've grown from that three foot something fourth grader with the horrible haircut, reading books like "The chronicles of Narnia" and "Peter Pan" to more mature books like "The Last Time We Said Goodbye", a wonderfully written story by Cynthia Hand, and I can only thank my magnificent fourth grade teacher, Ms.