Eulogy For Isaac Newton

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Hello! I am Sir Isaac Newton. Although I died about 300 years ago, I’m back to tell you about my super amazing life. What’s that you ask? How can I speak to you from beyond the grave?! Good question, but sadly you have to be a super genius of physics like me to even understand the first thing about beyond-the-grave-time-travelling.
Any who… I was an English physicist, mathematician and, according to some people, the greatest scientist to have ever lived. Others love me for my life of fabulous hairstyles!!! Besides my fabulous hair, why was I so famous and acclaimed you ask? This picture illustrates many of my most well-known accomplishments. Take a good look at this picture. At the end of this video, I want you to know at least 3 of my inventions and
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Sounds like I was almost too good, right? But don’t worry. I was an awesome genius but I wasn’t perfect. For example, he wasted years attempting to perfect the art of alchemy. In my study of alchemy, I searched in vain to discover the Philosopher’s Stone, the legendary substance that would make humans live forever and turn cheap metals like mercury or lead into precious gold! $$$ BLING!!!! $$$
(Incidentally, the Philosopher’s Stone was later found by Harry Potter.) I also went temporarily mad and suffered a nervous breakdown by looking for secret patterns, codes, and formulas written into the Holy Bible.
All good things must come to an end, even super great geniuses like me. I died in my sleep in London on March 20, 1727. I was buried here in Westminster Abbey in England, one of the most special places to be buried in England. Traces of mercury, an element that often causes insanity was found in my hair, which was probably from his experiments with alchemy and may explain his eccentric behavior in my later years. Was this the true secret behind my fabulous hair? I’ll never