Eulogy Levi Essay

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Dane Westerlund

Hello, My name is Dane, and I was positively Levi’s closest thing to a “friend” and we come here today to celebrate the passing of him who passed just a week ago on June 7, 2037. We would always show me his dastardly inventions or some stupid imgur post that we would both chuckle at. And then a lot of the time we would both be doing our own things understanding that even if were only a few parts from each other in a desolate room we would let each other do their own thing.
Levi Wolff has been a friend of mine for as long as I could remember and his tragic demise is surprise to us all. He was always a bright fellow, attempting to create the uncreatable or do something completely bizarre and out of this world. There is no one that will ever be able to replace the spot he has left behind.
Later in Levi’s life he become an engineer after attending and getting degrees from Harvard, Duke, and Stanford. He was more than just your average engineer however, Levi was a mad engineer. He would attempt to create the most outlandish things like when he attempted to create a giant mechanical killer death baby. This project ultimately failed when the baby got loose and the government had to put it down through missile bombardment. His ideas and inventions were all so unique and creative that trying to mimic what he accomplished is almost blasphemy.
His greatest feats were the creation of the tele-porter meant only for bread, the string cheese cannon, and by far his greatest achievement, the dimension transporter. After creating the dimension transporter he got a little crazy however, he had only tested using it by strapping cameras to small mammals, like a platypus, and sent them through connected to a rope. The mammals would always return with the face of something that just saw a 20 foot tall chimera and would immediately die of a