Eulogy To My Mother Essay

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Eulogy to my mother Angeline Woart from daughter Josephine Ochere
I feel as though I could write a book regarding my mother’s life so I will do my best to make this brief.
My mother was a lovely woman. She holds all of the attributes of a perfect mom. She was caring, thoughtful, hardworking, compassionate, loving, and so much more. It is so difficult to think of all of the words that would describe my mother as a person and how much she meant to me, she was my idol and I looked up to her all of my life.
My mother was a stay at home mom for her entire life. Many people don’t think of this as a job, but I can tell you that she worked harder than many women I know. My parent’s had a lot in common, especially the desire to have a big family. They got married in 1972 and a year later they had me. After I was born they also went on to have three more children, two boys and my little sister Lena
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She was up early to get us ready for school, she was there to pick me and my brothers up from school, make dinner, help us with our homework and put us to bed. She made sure that we studied hard and were enrolled in a variety of activities, which she always took us to. When I was younger I wasn’t able to comprehend how much time and care she put into her family. Now that I have children of my own I can truly appreciate the amount of effort she put into raising my brothers and I for this I will always be appreciative.
My mother taught me many life lesson, If I had to conjure up one life lesson that she would want me to carry for the rest of my life, is to be myself and always trust myself. She believed in me even when sometimes I did not believed in myself, she would always say remember you are unique as every other human being is and that is why you are special, embrace yourself and portray the best of you. Up till this day those words always come to mind when I start to doubt