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Chapter 22-24 Essay Outline
1. To what extent did late 19th century developments in science and technology reflect and influence a new urban society in Europe? greatly influenced new urban society in Europe inventions such as steel mills, railways, shipyards, and chemical plants represented the development and the ways in which it affected Europe expansion of railway systems on the Continent spurred economic growth the new urban society of Europe resulted in the development of extensive railway systems these systems led to people in Paris wanting to live further away from work which developed suburbs cholera became feared and hygiene had to be improved, so sewer systems were constructed to keep the city clean and provide clean water modern and urban Europe couldn’t have been what it is without the developments of the 19th century

2. Compare and contrast the ways in which Cavour and Bismarck succeeded in unifying their respective countries and the political systems they created.
Cavour succeeded by investing in railroads, reforming agriculture on his estates, and editing a newspaper
His belief was that economic and material progress required a large unified state on the Italian peninsula.
He was favored so much, because he thought that if Italians proved themselves to be efficient and economically progressive, Italy may govern itself.
Basically supported free trade, railway construction, expansion of credit, and agricultural improvements.
Bismarck put more trust in power and action than in ideas
Similar to Cavour, he embraced the cause of German nationalism as a strategy to enable Prussian conservatives to outflank Prussian liberals
Different from Cavour, Bismarck waged 3 wars in order to achieve his goals
After gaining control of Schleswig-Holstein and defeating France, Germany was established as a powerful nation through the help of Bismarck
Bismarck thought the best way to unify Germany was through deceiving their rivals and gaining control of German