Lurking Around Like Stranger Danger Is James The Old Pretender

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+Anne is the Last Stuart -> no heir
-Lurking around like Stranger Danger is James the Old Pretender
+1708 -> Going to make an attempt along with his followers (follow rightful heir) in England to take the throne; try to overthrow Anne
-Scottish and English supporters and an army, but are unsuccessful
-Anne dies in 1714
-James the Old Pretender never gave up his claim to the throne, just left
+Parliament knew this, so they were forced to go to the HRE to one of the German Provinces, Hanover -> the wife (Sophia) of the Elector in Hanover was the granddaughter of James I
-Offer Hanover's throne of England
-Everyone knew Sophia would die, but before she died she turned over the throne to her son George
+In 1714 he will be the first Hanover to accept the crown
+George I (1714 - 1727)
-Did not understand any English (completely German)
-Did not have anything in common with the English
-Brought his two very fat mistresses to England and that is who he wanted to spend time with
-Only thing was he was Protestant
-There had to be someone to speak to Parliament for George -> position of Prime Minister
+Very first Prime Minister -> Robert Walpole (1714-1748)
-Making Prime Minister -> last step in making England a constitutional monarchy
-Became spokesperson for George I in Parliament
-Prime Minister until 1748 in the war of Austrian succession
-Will become the most powerful person in England and the leader of the Whig party
-George I had son George -> hated each other, did not talk to each other
+1727 George becomes king
+George II (1727-1760)
-Like his father, could not speak German, so kept Walpole as Prime minister
-*Last English king to go on the battlefield with his men
-Walpole is running the country
+To bring confidence to his country -> The South Sea Incident
-The South Sea Company is a joint-stock company that becomes so powerful that they convince Parliament that instead of the government trusting the bank to stabilize the country, they can put all their funds into the joint-stock company -> *Company was responsible for paying England's debt
+Make so much money -> selling a lot of stock
-Problem -> *More investors than they have money to pay those investors with -> Over inspected
-Most of Parliament and half of the English population had money in this company
+If this company fell the British economy would fall
-The bottom dropped out -> the company had no way of paying its investors or England's bills
+Walpole went to British people and told them the government would be responsible for paying them back their money they had invested in the company
-No one lost money
-British people fell in love with Whig party and Robert Walpole
George II
-Walpole will argue with George II and Parliament over War of Austrian Succession
+Walpole felt that England should have honored and did not think England had a navy large enough to cover the trade in the Caribbean (Africa, etc)
+War of Jenkin's Ear was unjustified and should have never taken place
+Thought that England taking the Caribbean was Imperialism
+Parliament disagrees and throws Walpole out (does not have support anymore) -> Walpole lost vote of confidence (Party threw him out)
+Bourgeoisie will reap benefits of war because of merchants
-1748-1760 -> Whig or Tory will be running Parliament
George III (1760-1820) *First of English Hanovers (did not need Prime Minister because he was more English than German)
-Strongly believed in divine right of kings
-Wanted political party to support him not parliament (William Pitt is Prime Minister-Whig)
+Tory -> Earl of Bute replaced him
-Worked out treaty of Paris in 1763
-New Prime Minister (1763) -> George Grenville
+Hates people in colonies and does not consider them British citizens
-So not entitled to same rights as British citizen
+England was in serious debt -> had fought First Dutch War (gained nothing), War of the League of Augsburg (gained nothing), War of