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Belgium is a small country that is located in Western Europe. Belgium borders three countries France, Netherlands, and Germany. During its history empires have controlled it, surround it. Countries such as Ancient Rome, Spain, Austria, France and the Netherlands ruled it during different times. Belgium won its independence the year 1830. Belgium is located in Western Europe, bordering the North Sea. If comparing the area of Belgium to the area of a state from the United States it would be Maryland. Belgium’s coastline is 66.5 km long. It’s climate rainy climate with chilly summers and very cold winters. In Brussels, its capital, the temperature averages 35 degrees F in January and 64 degrees F in July. Along the coastline the temperature is more varied. However in the Ardennes it is the most varied.
Belgium’s terrain is widely varied; it is mainly divided in 4 Regions. These regions include: the coastal and interior lowlands, the Kempenland, the central low plateaus, and the Ardennes. The Coastal and Interior Lowlands are located in most of northern Belgium. Belgium’s wide, sandy beaches lie on this region. The Kempeland or Campine is located in northeastern Belgium. Before Coal was discovered it was a popular region of birch forests and marshland. Now the region has industrial centers and nature areas for hiking. The central Low plateaus include the central region of Belgium. It has the best soils and is the region where most important cities are located. The Ardennes is located in southeastern Belgium. It contains sandstone ridges and limestone valleys. This region is the least populated region and less suitable for agriculture. Many wild animals such as deer wild boars, and wild cats reside in this region.
The first to occupy the area of Belgium were the Celtic Tribes. However, they were beat by the Romans and the Roman Empire took over. Later, Germanic people called the Franks removed the Romans from power and the baptism of they’re king Clovis established the Roman-Catholic religion. They lost power after a few years and lost control to a family called the Carolingians. “Under this reign, Belgium became the center of a large empire that covered much of Western Europe.” (Berentsen) In the year 1302, the French came and took over the country. In the year 1477 the country was now under the power of the Austrian government. During World War 1 and 2 Belgium was powered by the German. However they later revolted and finally got its independence on October 4, 1830.
The culture of Belgians is very similar to the lives of Americans. Most Belgians live in cities or towns and they commute to jobs in other parts of the country. They play sports and they’re most common ones are bicycle racing and soccer. They have two major languages: Dutch and French. They’re government is described to be as a parliamentary democracy with three major political groups the two Socialist Party, the Liberal Parties, and the Christian Social Parties. Belgians have a freedom of religion, but 75% of the population is Roman-Catholic, but less than 20% attend church regularly. Almost all adult Belgians can read and write. Most of the children attend school beginning at the age of 2 ½ years. The children from ages 6 through 18 must attend school. Children from ages 6 through 11 attend elementary school after that all students attend comprehensive high school. In comprehensive high school, students take basic courses but specialize in technical, vocational, or