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LA 11
11 April 2013

The country France is located in Western Europe and is one of the most popular and historic places in the world. Because of the extraordinary city Paris and the very well known Eiffel tower everybody has most likely heard of France. Religion and family is very important to the French people.
In France their Religion is mainly the Catholic Church. When the church bell rings it marks death, wars, and weddings. Funerals are very important events in France; the whole community will go to them. The cemetery in France is a site of memory some say. The religion in France is made up of about 1 million protestants, 700,000 Jews, and 200,000 orthodox Christians, 15% non believers, and 80% roman catholic. Many Protestants fled in the 17th century because their religious rights were taken back. The French Revolution was part of the power and wealth in the Catholic Church in the 18th century (Countries).
France is 5% of the European continent. Paris is the capital, cultural center, and dominating nation in France. France has 22 regions; it borders Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, English Channel, Atlantic sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. France is a temperate zone and has a very large terrain, which includes Alps-east, and the Pyrenees-southwest. The rivers in France consist of Seine, Loire, Garonne, and Rhône (Countries).
France is also very well known for their outstanding food. Their main meals are Le petit déjeuner (breakfast), Le déjeuner (lunch) and Le diner (dinner). A family meal will consist of soup, vegetables, a meat dish, salad, cheese, dessert, and wine. Women do the cooking and in France they Elaborate meals on the holidays. . It’s a tradition to slaughter pigs each winter here. Around the age twelve in France children start to drink wine at the dinner table (Countries).
The Guals inhabited France; “France” comes from the Franks. France achieved political unity in the 16th century. French is the official language in France it replaced Latin. In 1789 the revolution established the first republic (Countries). Julius Caesar and the Roman soldiers conquered France before Christ. Charlemagne (king) built the area into a huge kingdom. France was one of the first nations to overthrow their king and set up a republic. During WW1 and 2 France was a bloody battleground (Cavendish). First president of France was Charles de Gaulle in 1958 (Countries). France is the leader of the European culture. They value good food and wine (Cavendish).
The average family in France has about 1-2 children. The pets out number the children, and they receive lots of love and attention. Grandparents don’t play a very important role in their families as some may do here.