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Chapter 16

THE WORLD ECONOMY (pgs. 359-378) 1. List some of the technological improvements that gave the western Europeans an advantage as conquerors: (pg. 361)

2. What was the “potent mix” that set the Portuguese off on new discoveries? (pg. 361)

3. What did the Portuguese first bring back from Africa? (Pg. 361)

4. What perspectives did the Spanish share with the Portuguese about discovery? (Pg. 362)

5. What was the basis for the Spanish claim to the Philippine Islands?(pg. 363)

6. What expedition gave the New World (America) its name? (pg. 363)

7. What were some factors that allowed the lead in exploration to shift toward northern European countries in the late 16th century (pg. 363)?

8. Where did Holland have some major colonies?(map)

9. Who (what companies) were given government monopolies of trade in the region designated? (364)

10. How did corn and sweet potatoes get to China? (pg.366)

11. Describe the significance of the Battle of Lepanto in regard to control of world trade: (pg. 367)

12. In what way did western influence and trade reach China?

13. Explain why Spain did not profit the most from world trade: (pg. 367)

14. Explain why coercive labor systems spread due to the new world economy. (pg. 368)

15. How did China benefit so much from world trade?(pg. 369)

16. How did Japan respond to the explorers, merchants and missionaries of the West? (pg. 369)