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Outline the main economic and physical features of the UK and assess its current role in the world.

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In the present age, more and more people pay attention to the main economic and physical features of the UK and its role in the world because the development of many countries is affected by the UK. Most of us know the UK is a country with profound history and culture because the UK is the earliest industrial country of the world. This essay will discuss the physical and main economic features of the UK and access its current role in the world.

As is well-known, The UK’s physical features are particular. The UK is made up of England, wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It lies between latitude 50°N to 60°N. Britain is an island country surrounded by sea and lies in the North Atlantic Ocean (Oakland, J. (2011) British Civilisation: An Introduction. P.26). However, its physical area is not really large. The north and west of Britain are mainly mountains; the east and southeast are mainly flat. Its special geographical location makes the temperate with maritime climate. The climate is mainly temperate, but Scotland and Wales’s highland areas and most of England are cooler in summer and colder in winter than England. In addition, annual precipitation is abundant (Oakland, J. (2011) British Civilisation: An Introduction. P.34). Because of this, agriculture of southeast England is mainly planting. The animal husbandry is also developed.

The UK’s particular physical features influence the main economy of this country. Because it surrounded by sea and close to the other European countries, the maritime traffic is developed. This condition provides a good way for trading with other European countries. However, convenient traffic also prompted the UK colonial expansion to other countries because its area is not really large. British economy increased more than before because the colonial expansion made more capital and resources. Besides, the first industrial revolution in the 1760s also promoted development of the UK. Therefore, the UK became the first industrial country. Nevertheless, since the end of the 19th century, British economic recession began to emerge. Firstly, the development rate of British industry reduced because the technology and the equipment were outdated. Meanwhile, America and Germany became gradually stronger. Secondly, the colonies gained independence one after another after two world wars and the colonial system was broken.

After the UK’s development in 18th