Young Women Who Want To See The World

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Young women who want to see the world and can do it safely while staying within a budget. This essay will explain the cheapest and safest options for ladies who wish to see another way of life halfway across the globe including cheap airfare, safe places to stay, and food. Also included will be basic estimated pricing on most expenses incurred while traveling. We all should have the chance to explore the world, so why must we be limited because of cost? First order of business is to find a dependable traveling partner! Every trip is not as dangerous when there are two people involved. Remember that there is safety in numbers! Now, we are off to see the world! What does any international traveler need? A passport. Acquiring a passport can be a lengthy process, yet it is one that we all must go through. Do not expect to be allowed into any country without one as it is the only form of ID acceptable anywhere around the globe. Processing can take up to four to six weeks; however, for a fee the process can be expedited ( The average cost is 100$ and the passport is good for anyone over the age of sixteen for ten years. If a person’s passport expires or is lost, replacing it is as simple as mailing in 75$. To download an application and a set of instructions, the traveler can visit Now it is time to book the airfare! When booking a flight, the best course of action is to know departing and return dates. Remember to be flexible when purchasing tickets since prices vary day to day. Travelling on Tuesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest days to fly. Booking red-eye flights or flights with long layovers can also save money. When packing, pack light and modest. Take a few shirts, a couple pair of pants, extra socks, undergarments, and sturdy, comfortable shoes. Comfort and safety are top priority; however, fashion is not. .
On the topic of money, exchanging currency can also be a big hassle. When traveling abroad, it is smart to have cash on hand before reaching the final destination. In the USA, banks offer the best rates. Another way to access currency is through an ATM or Debit card; this is the best way to pay and withdraw cash overseas. Make sure to alert the bank before leaving the country that the card will be used out-of-country so as to avoid a hold on the account. Most of Europe recently converted to the Euro; however, Great Britain retained its English pound. Nonetheless, all but a few stores will accept the Euro currency (Olson, Albertson, Alexiou, McDonald, Chids, Porter & Kollias, 2011).
Safety when traveling is key especially for two young women. Do not wear revealing clothing. When going out at night there are a couple of common sense rules to follow: (1) Stay out of deserted areas, remain in populated public places. (2) Maintain local customs or “do like the locals do”. Women who stick out are more likely to be targeted to be victims of crime such as theft, violence, and rape. For young ladies, this can be dangerous especially at night. Do not walk home from a bar or club and take a taxi. (3) When partaking in activities with locals, stay in groups of mixed genders, scope out the place beforehand (make sure it is public), and of course, listen to instinct! Lastly, and most importantly avoid one-on-one situations; do not accept a date offer from any unknown man ("Tips for Women," 2009).
Travelers insurance is another vital item to have. What is travelers insurance and why does one need it? There are multiple reasons. First of all, what if a person’s luggage is lost? Insurance will cover that loss. Another kind of travelers insurance is medical insurance. Although Europe’s NHS (National Health Care) will cover most expenses, a small portion may still be needed to be paid out-of -pocket (Olson, Albertson, Alexiou, McDonald, Chids, Porter & Kollias, 2011). Extra protection never hurt anyone!…