Essay on Europe: Philip Ii of Spain and Medici

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Elizabeth I of England and Catherine de Medici of France were among some of the most influential rulers of England and France in European history. Under the control of these two rulers, England and France were able to achieve great successes because of the many characteristics that these two shared. At the same time, Elizabeth I and Catherine de Medici were vastly different in a number of ways such as attitudes towards religious toleration. The impact under the reign of these two rulers had an effect on Europe that was so substantial that it impacted Europe for years to come after their reigns.

As a result of the triumphs that both of these important leaders had on their respective countries, it is evident that some similarities should be found when comparing Elizabeth I and Catherine de Medici. Both of these important rulers were very shrewd politicians and devious when it came to control. For example, Elizabeth I nevered married when she in power because she did not want to share the power that she had during this time. This led to her being named, “The Virgin Queen”. At the same time, Catherine de Medici ruled as a regent for her son, Charles IX. She remained the ruler even after her son grew up and was capable of ruling. These two examples showcase the desire that both of these women had in order to stay in power. This example also goes to prove how strategized these women were in order to maintain and achieve full control of their country. Another example of how Elizabeth I and Catherine de Medici are similar is that they were intelligent and great leaders. This is evident through England’s victory over the Spanish Armada. The Spanish Armada was an attempt by Philip II of Spain to overtake and gain of England and Elizabeth I. However, the English was able to capture victory and the reputation of Elizabeth I quickly grew in England. These intelligent rulers were able to successfully rule their countries through their smart tactics and shrewd decisions. At the same time, successful rulers are also bound to have some differences . For example, Elizabeth I was able to successfully rule a diverse nation which was England. However, on the other hand, when Catherine de Medici took control of France as a regent for her son who at the time was aged 10, de Medici struggled to maintain control of the violent wars of religion that plagued France. Because of the beliefs and doings of these two rulers, England faced a time period of peace while France faced a time period full of war and hate between different religious groups. The way these two rulers ruled also had an impact on the situation surrounding their countries during this time. Elizabeth was a very liberal and free ruler in many different aspects which reflected the situation in England. She was rarely violent and was only aggressive to her enemies. In contrast, Catherine de Medici was more violent. This was evident during the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre of which when de Medici ordered