European Countries Did More Harm Than Good In The Age Of Imperialism

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Essay # 1- The European countries did more harm than good
In the age of imperialism, Euro countries did more harm than good. These countries wanted to have global empire in order to gain markets for goods made in the industrial revolution, to get raw materials for products, and for the prestige and nationalism of a global empire. Some wanted to spread Christianity and enlightenment ideas. However, the countries were harmful as they dominated other countries. Two places that were extremely affected were countries in Africa and the country of India
In Africa, people were treated very harshly. Africa had not industrialized and was full of natural resources, so it was an easy target for the modernized nations to dominate. First, the slave trade began, and people were shipped off and sold to work in horrible conditions for life. Also, Africans were thought of as a lesser race because of social Darwinism. They were not treated kindly. The Berlin Conference divided Africa with no respect for the natives living there. King Leopold took over the Congo and the worst abuses took place. Belgian overseers were incredibly cruel to the villagers. Inhabitants were given little or no role in government or the economy of the colony. While Christianity was spread to Africa by Missionaries, they urged Africans to reject their own traditions in favor of the western civilizations. This destroys ancient culture. European powers greatly harmed Africa.
Europe, Britain in Particular, also harmed India. The British east India company did help Indians by ending violent customs such as a Hindu widow having to kill herself and they made many social reforms. However, their lack of respect for Hindu customs angered the people. Finally, their unpopular moves resulted in the Sepoy rebellion. The final straw had been when Sepoys were required to bite off the ends of their cartridges that had animal fat on them, which is forbidden to Hindus. They rebelled by massacring many British men, women, and children. This horrible act would not have occurred if it hadn’t been for the domination of India by the British. The British also ruined India’s handmade weaving industry with their cheap, factory made textiles. They brought in new medical Improvements, which was helpful because is led to increased food supply. However, a population boom strained the supply and terrible famines swept over India. Millions sank into poverty. Even though some good came out of British rule in India, such as a better legal system and peace, the total amount of harm inflicted on India outweighed the good.

Essay 1.
Global prestige nationalism market for goods natural resources spread Christianity
Africa- many resources, slave trade, social Darwinism, Belgian Congo, no role in government, spread Christianity, destroys ancient culture, end violent culture, Sepoy rebellion, ruin weaving industry, medical improvements, farming improvements, famines, legal system, peace

Essay # 2
Effects of Industrial revolution on the world, politically, socially, culturally
The Industrial Revolution affected the world in many different ways. It affected people culturally and socially, as well as politically, and economically. The industrial revolution was a time of great improvement for ideas, weapons, and machinery. Weapons such as the Maxim gun helped imperialism. Better machines helped agriculture, causing a population growth. As shown, the industrial revolution was very important in history.
One major impact of the IR was on culture and society. It introduced new ideas in art such as impressionism, realism, and romanticism. In literature, Lord Byron was a great romantic hero, as well as Charles Dickens realism book, Oliver twist. In Music, Beethoven’s Eroica was also an example of romanticism as a result of the IR. Also, because of the new factories, the poor fell into deeper poverty. The working conditions were horrible. The middle class developed new