European Impearialism Essay

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Explain European Imperialism. What were its aims, or motives, and its results? Assess its impact on the rest of the world.

European Imperialism was a systematic and continual venture by a handful of the strongest and richest powers in Europe to conquer, convert, and exploit various indigenous cultures, governments, kingdoms and peoples in areas ranging from the Americas, to Africa, and all the way to Asia. The reasoning for this policy was simple. In Western Europe, the majority of the land present had already been conquered and or claimed by these powerful and rich nations, states, and kingdoms. Naturally any powerful nation hoping to continue to grow needs room to do so, and so many of the countries that could afford to do so decided to venture out and find new areas around the world, further than they had ever reached before, in search of natural resources to feed the appetite of the economies back home. They searched for natural resources such as minerals, oils, foods, spices, clothing material etc. Another aim of Imperialism was to spread ways of thought. This included, culture, language, religion, and government styles. Back then the size of an empire and number of people that it directly influenced told you how strong it was, and these European empires prided themselves on spreading their ways of life. For this reason people speak Spanish in countries all over South and Central America as well as the Philippines and Morocco, People in India speak English with a British accent and have a parliamentary system of government and the symbolic head of government for Canada is Queen Elizabeth II, and so on and so forth. This is also the reason why the catholic church as grown o much in membership over the past 300-400 years.
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