European Union Position

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European Union Position Paper

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy with strong liberal policies and programs. Our stance on the current global financial crisis is a plan that involves a stability package that will give loans out from the government; it is expected to right our economy (which hasn’t suffered all that greatly) within two years. We’d like more supervision from a worldly perspective in the future, but no intervention. The security concerns that face Sweden are mostly environmental and effective sources of energy. We want to leave the environment in a better condition than our previous generations and we believe the only way to achieve that is by making advances in and taking action. Our security concerns for our homeland are based on flexible protection around our borders to maintain peace. Human rights will always be liberal and protected in Sweden. We strongly believe in freedom of expression, information, assembly, demonstration, association and of worship. We protect from oppression with a strong emphasis on protection from human trafficking. Our immigration policy has always been open for refuges and foreign workers. We believe in bettering our society by allowing advancement for people who seek refuge and work in our countries. Our current policy provides net compensation to immigrants via transfer payments, social assistance, housing allowances and unemployment benefits. Membership with the European Union is all about hesitation.