Sarah Ruhl's Tale Of Prejudice

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Eurydice and Orpheus are considered some of the most known lovers, and tragic at that. Orpheus, son of Apollo, and Eurydice were inseparable. On their wedding night, while she was in the meadow, a viper bit her and sent her to the Underworld. Orpheus went to retrieve her, and through his determination, he was able to persuade Hades and Persephone through his musical talents to release his wife to him. As the son of Apollo, he was gifted musically and was known to soften the hearts of those around him with his songs. The only condition was that until they had reached the living world, his eyes must not lay upon her. Throughout the versions, the most changeable aspect is how the end of their tale occurred. In some tales, Eurydice had tripped and shouted out Orpheus’s name, and he turned back, losing her right before they had entered the light fully. In other tales, it was him being eager and losing the battle against temptation that he had turned to look at her. In Sarah Ruhl’s tale of Eurydice, she imagines the two lovers as playful children, naïve and unaware of the world around them. Along with this they are more like children than adult iconic lovers. In this tale, her father is also the god Hades, which adds more depth into why he had brought her down there.

The key thing that is associated with Eurydice would be a white wedding dress. Throughout all of the photos and stories, it is known that she is dressed in the virginal color. It is to show how pure she is and the