Euthanasia: Critical Thinking and J. Gay Williams Essays

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Downsides of Euthanasia
The essay, “The Wrongfulness of Euthanasia”, by J. Gay-Williams states why Euthanasia means to take an individual’s life on purpose when recovery is unpredicted. Euthanasia is the theory that J.Gay Williams has his arguments about to prove why he disagrees with it. There are three major arguments that Williams had presented which was, the argument from Nature, the argument of Self-interest, and the argument of Practical effects. I agree with J. Gay Williams point of views and therefore support him on his thinking because he has a logical thinking about Euthanasia and how it effects the thinking of people by accepting euthanasia as the only option left in making health related issues. These arguments present reasons about the claims J.Gay Williams makes to prove why he thinks that euthanasia means to intentionally take the lives of people who are hopeless about their recoveries.
The first argument, which is the argument from nature, explains that Euthanasia interferes in between the natural goals of survival and it comes in between the processes of nature and makes individuals feel less of a human. (705) J.Gay Williams feels that God is the one who gave humans a life to live but when a life is taken on a person’s own will, that is completely wrong. “Every human being has a natural inclination to continue living.” (704) This statement, means that every person is born into this world with a survival structure as in protecting ourselves with the body internally via cells, capillaries and etc. In his opinion, Euthanasia is threatening to the existence of humans because if one of the goals in life is to survive and that isn’t fulfilled due to the actions taken by ourselves then our self-worth lowers down. He states that Euthanasia sets people against their own nature. That isn’t acceptable because then everyone will start killing themselves instead of treating themselves with medications or even home remedies. (705)
His second argument was the argument from self-interest. What J.Gay Williams claims to state in his argument is that death is inevitable and to allow the practice of Euthanasia would decrease the “good” chances that people may have in order to get well. People who are told by health care professionals that they have a disease, there are chances that those people were diagnosed wrong and they would give up on the hope of living their lives. Another example may be that there would be no hope for recovery, but the chances of recovery are quite good. All these came together as losing self-interest for humans in their own health. Reconsidering would have been an issue if Euthanasia was approved because the will to live and be strong would be weakened due to the pain and sufferings of hearing about health issues, mostly hopefulness. (705) People may feel that we should just end our lives since there is nothing that can help us live and it would give our families less stress and would save money too which is wrong.
Lastly, the argument from practical effects, was proving how doctors