Essay on Euthanasia: Death and Best Answer

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Euthanasia personally affects the lives of many people. Many people agree with it. Some disagree. Others are not sure where they stand on the issue. Many reasons prove why euthanasia is the best answer. One way euthanasia is the best answer is that it will quicken the death process and put people out of their misery. In the sixteenth century, Thomas More spoke of a Utopian area in which it helped those who wished to die. It was said that dying was better than suffering. For example, if one knows that he or she is going to die from a terminal illness and is in an immense amount of pain, he or she might not want their family to see them suffer. Perhaps he or she would rather have their family remember them in a way other than in suffering. He or she might feel like a burden and would not want their family to have to take care of them. Another way euthanasia is the best answer is that people have the right to decide whether or not it is their time to die. Dating back to the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, suicide was tolerated by everyone. Suicide was socially acceptable. Those who wished to die could do so because the Greeks and Romans did not believe that life should be kept for any special reason. If one has the freedom to kill themselves alone, then one should have the freedom to allow another person to assist in a safer and more peaceful way. People have the freedom to decide what they want to do with themselves- how they dress, how they speak, whether to have children or not, etc. If people have the freedom to do all of those things, then people should also have the freedom to decide whether they want to live or not. A final way