Essay about Euthanasia: Death and Killing Machine Dr

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Those assisting death are responsible for murder, do you agree?

People who assist others to die are not responsible for murder. The definition of murder is ‘the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another’. When a person thinks about dying, he would presumably consider all options before deciding. Murder is the unlawful killing of another with an evil intention. It is an act of ill will. However, assisting suicide is associated with kindness and good will, an act of mercy killing.
Euthanasia is controversial. Many people are against assisted killing for religious or moral reasons. They fear euthanasia may begin the widespread, uncontrolled killing of the weak and vulnerable in society. Questions arise about the motivation of those willing to assist death and those wanting to die.
There are people who would argue that it is only G-d – the giver of life who has the right to take it away. Dr Nitschke and his assisted suicide campaigns have been blamed for the suicide of many teenagers suffering from depression. When challenged about the rise in teenage suicide statistics, Nitschke responded to authorities with "There will be some casualties when you put this information out there, and these are casualties which are tragic ... but this has to be balanced with the growing pool of older people who feel immense well-being from having access to this information”. Australian Medical Association president Richard Choong condemned Nitschke, the director of Exit international and