Euthanasia: Human Rights and Life Essay

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The right of euthanasia must live on. If we can put a dog or other animal down when they are suffering with a simple needle, but we have to watch the people we love and care for suffer with tubes everywhere, frail and wasting away, no happiness and no life. Euthanasia is the way of ending the prolonging of suffering, whilst leaving life in peace. Imagine this, you are unable to walk, unable to talk, unable to function and unable to breathe properly let alone speak. Each day is a battle and filled with unbearable pain, you can’t cry or scream for help. You are a prisoner in your own body, trapped and this will not change. Your family might be there for you but they are suffering too. This is a real situation for many people. They should have the choice between life and death. Individuals have the liberty right, which includes the right to end their lives.

Life is difficult to live with any sort of terminal illness, sometimes death may be the better or only answer. Every person in the United Kingdom has rights: a right to speech, learn, love, live so they should have a right to die also. Not giving people the right to die is against the freedom promised to everyone in this country. Why should we watch a loved one suffer when we can quickly and humanely let them die with dignity, quickly and painlessly?

Deciding if you want to carry on your life is a personal decision. It is not the government or doctor’s life therefore it should not be their decision. It is much more practical and humane to grant a person’s wish to have their life ended in a painless and merciful way. A lot of money is spent on keeping someone on life support, it is spending time and money on a situation that will not get any better, only worse. We are just paying to make someone suffer for longer. Euthanasia should be practiced because it stops someone having a bad quality of life.

Euthanasia could save lives. If someone wishes to die to end their pain, their organs could be given to someone in need. Apart from the miserable pain the patients suffer, the trauma and emotional havoc their relatives go through is also immense.

In other countries such as the US, medical care comes at a great cost and to keep someone alive on various machines may run up a big bill that families will be left to pay. This can cause a lot of problems and stress for families who are left with bills and burdens after their loved one has finally passed away. The death penalty is still used to kill criminals; if death can be used as a punishment surely it can also be granted to the