Euthanasia Research Paper

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Euthanasia is the killing of a patient by a doctor. It is most commonly done by something called a lethal injection. It was originally made in a positive way to end pain and suffering.

As of 2002 euthanasia became legal in the Netherlands, it was regularly performed there before problems ever happened before that. Supporters of euthanasia would say “ that we should be able to choose when we die, and that life is no longer worth living for anymore.

Let me ask you a simple question “what makes your life living for?” is it about how much money have? Or how rich you are? or even about how many friends you have? Is it based on how healthy you are?

I knew a boy who was born deformed he has no legs and is deaf. Even though he has had some difficulties in life he has overcome them and has achieved a lot. He is gifted in music, he has such a incredible talent that God has blessed him with. He went threw so much suffering and pain yet he made life a joy and he enjoyed ever moment he had of it. So think about it, does suffering and pain make your life not worth living?

People who support euthanasia describe it as a positive thing to help people with suffering and pain. A study shows people who were depressed and wanted to be euthanized no longer wanted it after they retreated. This is definitely wrong! Its murder! Suicide! If you have problems like depression and sadness get help, don’t just waste your beautiful life God has blessed you with and throw it away.

There is a reason god put each and ever one of us on the world. We were all created differently and unique and of course, we all go through struggles and grief but dying is not an option. Euthanasia is not good at all it’s just another fancy way of saying kill, die, murder and suicide, the saddest part is that others are willing to inject this lethal injection into another person’s body and sadly put them