Euthanasia: Suffering and Palliative Care Essay

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Most people experience a loved one suffer from some kind of sickness in their lifetime, and euthanasia is not legal to use to their advantage. The loneliness is what will affect you but no one wants to see someone so close suffer badly even for a short period of time. Everyday people suffer from chronic sickness, diseases, and cancers but do not have the right to end their own lives with a terminally ill medical exposition.
Legalizing euthanasia would save the American healthcare system money because it would contribute the money to the people who are aware that they don’t have much life yet, and focus on preventing death for newly sick people. The legalization of euthanasia would save so many families money and stress if they didn’t have to waste money and be reminded of their dying loved one everyday.
Some argue that palliative care could undermine the quality and effort put into the comfort of dying patients, but if they had the right to physician assisted suicide, quality would not be an issue when it comes to palliative care. Palliative care is meant to be comforting and enjoyable, but when a patient receives excessive amount of care attention, they are being constantly reminded of their death in the near future, which could heighten depression and sadness of family and friends.
Is it selfish to think of your own personal needs regarding a longer life of your loved ones wanting them to have a longer life? Of course you want the people you love to live as long as