Euthanasia: The Giver and Anti-euthanasia Argument Essay

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In Lois Lowry's the giver euthanasia is not advertised as an activity that everyone should do, but it is not frowned upon in the book. In real life this lethal injection is a controversial topic, which in my opinion is compassionate and kind if consensual.

In Lois Lowry's fictional world euthanasia is called "release" and is administered to senior citizens, the smaller of two newborn twins, sick babies and all who ask for it; young or old. When Jonas learns the truth of "release" he is disgusted by the actions that his father does on the daily without regret or sadness, he then attempts successfully to change this. "release", although not advertised, is known in the town by all and is a light subject that is not taken too seriously, along the same lines "release" is not encouraged but not discouraged; it is merely an activity that happens to everyone eventually that is celebrated by all.

In most countries this is considered assisted suicide and is a felony, but in the community it is just a measure to prevent overpopulation and to make sure that the community is without imperfection and illness. In spite of the fact that this cause is very questionable "release" or euthanasia can be an acceptable practice. In the book elders are "released" at a certain age even if they are healthy and good enough to work, so their lives were cut short without them fully knowing it was going to happen.

There are two types or euthanasia: passive euthanasia and active euthanasia. Passive euthanasia is when a person who is suffering is taken off or of life support, active euthanasia is the action of killing someone; in most cases an injection. There is a small number or countries who have legalized passive euthanasia but not active. In Belgium, France, Colombia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Uruguay, active euthanasia can be used with the persons consent and if they are in an excessive amount of pain. Canada and Japan are just two of many countries who are in legal limbo in terms of the subject.

A pro-euthanasia argument is that it is easy to regulate because the patient has to give their consent…