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To what extent does euthanasia benefit society?

Euthanasia is from the Greek language meaning 'a pleasant death'. To end a persons life to avoid a life time of suffering by killing or assist in the killing/suicide for the sake of ending another’s suffering. To end the pain that one is suffering.

Assisted suicide has often been discussed as to if it should be legalised within the UK. Committing your own death, better known as suicide is not a criminal offence, but to assist another in euthanasia in the UK is and as some are not able to make the last act of killing themselves, the reason for having euthanasia becomes more apparent.

When having someone close or being someone who was once normal and then that person or yourself was then in an accident, became disabled with no dignity, without movement, no communication and not able to eat or drink. Is that a life worth living? Take Tony Nickinson for an example: A working man, a father, able to take on day-to-day activity's. He had a life changing stroke and was disabled from head to toe. The only possible movement is from his eyes; this is his only way of communicating by the use of technology. He wanted to end his life of physical and mental pain that he was experiencing everyday.

The most significant point to make is that, we should allow human beings the right to die with dignity. We should not force anybody to live a life of depression, and pain. Although with medical science, doctors are now able to relive your pain with the use of medication. Some would say that the 'drugged state' they would be in, would not be a dignified way to live – this too could end up with euthanasia being administered, but only in some country’s. In some cases where pain cannot be completely obliterated the pain can be significantly reduced (i.e. one with advanced bone cancer). There is alternative care and treatment for those who don't want to die or for those who are not allowed to/are unable to choose death. As for some in the world and in the UK, euthanasia is not a choice you can have. You may end up being looked after by the use of the alternative care and this may invade your privacy, making you feel undignified and depressed Professor A C Grayling, Dignity in Dying Patron wrote "I believe that decisions about the timing and manner of death belong to the individual as a human right. I believe it is wrong to withhold medical methods of terminating life painlessly and swiftly when an individual has a rational and clear-minded sustained wish to end his or her life." If you are able to communicate and you have good reason in wanting to die, you still may not be granted your wish. And as the law is against euthanasia, except in some countries, you will have to live the rest of your days in pain, suffering, humiliating circumstances and watch everyone around you wallow in your pity. Surely we should encourage a happy peaceful ending with no suffering. To ensure that peoples lives and wishes are met and thought of with compassion.

The fact is, that it is their live, their body and their right to request death in a dignified manner if they wish to do so.

Many religions like Christianity, are against euthanasia. Christianity believes that life is a gift and that life should be treasured. Suicide is also considered as an act of sin. How can life be treasured if you can't enjoy it? You would not be able to follow any of the religious acts if you are completely immobile and unable to communicate, and you may not be able to practise your religion while ill, due to you being unwell and the ill effect it may have on you. Religion also believes in life after death. Surely if life after death is true, then it would make sense to acknowledge that assisted suicide is helpful for some and that, that would lead to a peaceful resting place. Re-incarnation is also another religious believe so why not allow someone to be re-born pain-free, with the advantage of starting life again.…