Euthyphro Analysis

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In this article ‘Euthyphro’, there are two main characters: Socrates and Euthyphro, discussing and arguing about ‘what is the pious and the impious.’ Because the man indicted Socrates for being impiety, Socrates wanted to find out what exactly are pious and impious from smart young man Euthyphro. So they start talking…
First, Euthyphro says that the pious is prosecuting someone who is guilty of wrongdoing, either of murder or temple robbery or anything else of the sort, whether it happens to be one’s father or mother or whoever else, and the impious is failing to prosecute (5d-6e). Second, Euth says what is beloved by the gods is pious, and what is not beloved by them is impious (6e-9d). Third, Euth says that the pious is what all the gods love and the opposite, what all gods hate is impious (9e-11b). Forth, Euth says that holiness and piety is the part of justice concerned with attending to the gods, while the remaining part of justice is concerned with attending to human beings (11e-14b). Fifth, Euth says if a man knows how to speak and act pleasingly to the gods in his prayers and sacrifices, those are pious, but the opposites of these pleasing things are unholy (14b-15c). However, Socrates disagrees with all of these reasons because he could not believe they are 100% correct. Therefore, they come back to start. ‘So pious is once again, it seems, what is dear to gods (15b)’. I think there is no right or wrong for what these two men say because they each support