Eva Peron: Argentina's Hero Essay

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Mario España 11-12-12
Spanish 3 &4 Sra.lynch

Eva Peron is a topic hard to understand because people have their own opinions of her. A lot of people could say she’s a hero to Argentina and other people would say she’s a prostitute. Everyone has their own opinion about her. She always stood up for Argentina especially the poor people which no one has interest in them. She changed that, she changed a lot of things she accomplished a lot in Argentina but does all this justify the means. I believe that her accomplishments outweighed her contributions because she does a lot for her country and it was all worth it at the end. Eva Peron accomplished a lot of things. She helped women a lot she gave them rights to have a divorce in Argentina because a lot of women use to get beat by their husbands till they were all swollen up and no one would say a thing or even try to help anyone. Eva traveled the country making speeches, distributing food, clothes, and household goods to the needy, visiting the poor, building homes, hospitals, and schools, and rallying for higher wages for union workers. The real question is that did all her accomplishments outweigh her contributions? I agree because she accomplished many things in Argentina which this she contributed a lot because of the way she treated the poor she treated them very good which then they contributed by voting for Peron. Was all of this worth it though, this was because all of the political