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Sharnise Marshall
Evaluation Argument Essay

Emerging adults have reached a step up from childhood but are not yet ready to fully take on adult responsibilities. This part of life is open to many new experiences which can be very good for the morality of this upcoming generation of adults. After leaving the childhood stage, young adults are not ready mentally ready to take on adult roles and responsibilities. Therefore,the stage called emerging adulthood takes place before adulthood is entered. According to a survey in , a large amount of Americans felt they were adult only in their late twenties and early thirties. During the period of emerging adulthood, many common changes take place in educational paths, jobs, love partners, and identity. Also, many people make changes their majors several times, and after graduating enter graduate school which delays settlement into the desired career path. Since young adults are always on the move, they move in and out of homes and resident halls. Due to unsettlement in career and being on the move, results in delay marriage as well. However, not every young adult around the world goes through this typical phase – emerging adulthood.They enter marriage, parenthood, and lifelong work early. In low-SES families, young people do not finish high school or are unprepared for college, and are less likely to leave home, therefore emerging adulthood is nonexistent. During the emerging adults it sometimes take a lower standard of living in order to leave home sooner, allowing that person to learn the independence and self reliability they have not yet experienced in life. After life on their own, most young adults end up moving back home at some time for numerous reasons. From personal experience, I can say that if you have lived on your own, moving back home is one of the most difficult things to try to settle back into after being on your own. But if it is done at the right time, leaving home can help a person grow toward adulthood a substantial amount. Some people who are not ready for the experience end up hurting themselves by trying to move on their own . Living on your own can cause a finanacal people and more responsiblities on which they can handle but moving back home can hurt your pride. Tanner, co-editor of the APA book and an assistant research professor in the School of Social Work at Simmons College argues," that the heterogeneity Arnett cites can be explained by the foundation laid in childhood and adolescence.As she describes it, how well an adolescent makes the transition through young adulthood into adulthood and becomes a fully independent person