Eval: Food and Stone Creek Dining Essay

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Stone Creek Dining Co.
Steven Boone
Engl 111 CAE
Alicia Patterson
Ivy Tech Community College

Stone Creek Dining Co.

Stone Creek Dining Company is an upscale casual restaurant tucked away in the rear of the Hamilton Town Center Mall, across the street from Dick’s Sporting Goods. The restaurant has been in existence for 7 years, with other locations in Zionsville, Plainfield, Greenwood, and Ohio. Stone Creek’s menu selection is best described as American cuisine. The varied menu includes a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, seafood, pastas, steaks, chops and chicken. On average, dining here will set you back 25 dollars per person. The high level of ambiance, cleanliness, service, and food combined, will make it worth that extra bit of money.
When walking up to the building you are greeted by stone plated columns, which almost foreshadow the modernism waiting within. After exiting the revolving doors and entering the lobby, earth tones greet you with luxurious and elegant styling. The sound of smooth contemporary music makes you feel relaxed and at peace. The symphony of smells entices your taste buds making you salivate from the moment you enter. When walking into the dining room, you are greeted with more elegance. The walls that look like waterfalls, the wave-like light fixtures, marble tables with metallic, and décor, with all this put together gives the restaurant the over all feel of being an upscale, elegant establishment. The cleanliness of the restaurant is what adds to the upscale atmosphere. As you walk into the restaurant, there is no litter on the floor. The smell in the air was not of a foul nature by any means. When I got to my table it was wiped clean, and so were the seats. When given my bread plate, it was free from any caked on food particles. The glass and silverware that were placed before me were noticeably polished, not having a single water spot on them. From what you could see of the kitchen, it looked organized and the cooks were properly handling food, wearing hats and gloves. When visiting the restroom you won’t only notice that it’s clean (minus a few paper towels on the ground), also that it is elegant as well, from the marble to the stained glass sinks. The cleanliness of the restaurant is very comforting and reassuring as well. My servers name was Matt. He came out with a shaved face, styled back hair, clean all-black uniform, and a smile. A very pleasant man he was. He did a great job telling me the specials and popular items on the menu. He did a good job fulfilling my table’s needs, never having to ask him anything twice. He was very knowledgeable when it came to selecting wine and how it would compliment a meal. Also, he was very helpful in verbalizing some choices he’d recommend. But most importantly, he got our orders correct. He was very quick with pre-bussing and closing out my table, and made the experience seamless and fun without the feeling of being rushed. In my opinion the most important part of the experience is the food. I chose to order the Chicken Parmesan. From ordering the food to its arrival took 18 minutes. When my dish arrived, the dish was presented on a clean white plate, with the golden brown, 8 ounce, breaded, tenderized, chicken breast on top of a bed of angel hair paste with rosa cream sauce. On top of the chicken breast was melted mozzarella cheese, and a grilled slice of red onion with a garnish of parsley. The meal tasted as good as it looked, if not better. Eating every layer of the dish in one mouthful creates an exquisite taste beyond compare. The rosa cream sauce has a great tomato and garlic taste which complimented the taste of the chicken breast, while adding more moisture to the chicken as well. The crunch from the breading is a nice textural change, while providing a taste of Italian herbs and salt to the dish. The cheese, which adds to the visual presentation,