Evaluate And Solve Common Security Related Problems

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Week 6 iLab Report
Marc Hughes
DeVry University
NETW360: Wireless Technologies and Services

Evaluate and Solve Common Security-Related Problems

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Professor: Md Habibul Islam
Date: 06/13/13

Evaluate and Solve Common Security-Related Problems
Guidelines: It’s always best to introduce a paper to the reader. It sets the tone and provides an overview of what will be covered and what the goals are. * What is the intent of the lab? What issues are addressed? Why is it important? What are the goals?
For this week’s lab we are using various scenarios to compare and contrast different antenna types and solutions to reduce signal spillover in a specific wireless network. Also we are evaluating and
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WPA2 would seem to be the preferred method since it provides strong security, and adds authentication to WEP’s basic encryption, there are some disadvantages. There can be compatibility issues with WPA2 may be incompatible with older operating systems such as Windows 95, older firmware usually cannot there may need to be upgrades to support the encryption, it has a greater performance overhead than WEP, and it remains vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Although WPA a method prior to WPA2 which uses much stronger encryption algorithms than its predecessor. WPA uses a Temporary Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP), which actually changes the key as data packets are sent across the network. Since the key is constantly changing, cracking the key becomes much more difficult than that of WEP. If for some reason you needed to change the global key, WPA will send out an advertisement of the new key to all devices on the network without having change anything manually. However the disadvantages to using WPA are few, with the biggest issue being a compatibility with legacy hardware and especially older operating systems. WPA also has a larger performance overhead and increases data packet size leading to longer transmission (Wireless Security , 2013).

6. What method would you recommend for this network and why?

Based on the sensitive data being transmitted, I would have to