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Evaluation for advertisement

This has to be one of the hardest units I’ve done so far not only because it’s something I have never done but because it was long and the first thing I done on my start of media.
My ideas for my product were very professional and creative. My idea was to create a clothing line mainly a jacket because at the time it was very cold and it just came to my mind. My planning for this product I’ll say was good, to be honest I never really did a lot of planning because this is exactly what I wanted in my advertisement, so probably that’s something I regret doing because it kind of had an effect on my ad maybe because it made it less professional than I thought.
My research had a lot of effort put into I spent a lot of time in it going on internet looking at other jackets ads, than I spotted something I was interested in and that had an effect on me and that was the north face. It took a while for me analysing their product ads but it was done and I actually think I could not have done.
Photoshop, I’ve used Photoshop a lot of times in secondary school but the way to use it to create an ad was quite difficult luckily I had a friend who used Photoshop very well and helped me quite a lot. Things I had problems with were changing colours of images but I overcame these problems by help and watching others edits their own ads using Photoshop.
Luckily I was given an iPhone before this course because my mega pixel was better